When you are thinking of moving your company to a new location or refurbishing the old one to accommodate for changes in growth, you’ll need to find office fit out companies in Melbourne. There is, of course nothing wrong with trying to do this job yourself. Except that it might cost you a lot more in time and money. Professionals will take care of the many things that will come up in a build of this nature. I will describe what you will expect from the office fit out company you hire.

Be careful when hiring office fit out companies in Melbourne, treat it as you would any other contractor. Get an estimate first, in writing detailing the services they will provide for a fixed amount of money. Get them to give you references of previous work, call those references and ask about the company’s performance. A company that is not willing to give you a reference is one you should not trust.

OK so you have the listings on office fit out companies in Melbourne and have come up with the one that seems correct for your needs. They have given you references and you’ve check them. Now it’s time to check what they offer you. The first thing they’ll have to offer is a Project Manager.

Project managers are the ones that come up with project goals, which is very important so that you’ll get specific landmarks that can be tracked so progress can be assessed. The project manager has to come up with a realistic time table to achieve his goals. He or she has to communicate with you in order to make budget that will include everything you’ll need to move into and start working when the job is done. A project manager is also in charged of working out how much you’ll have to pay the company. It is usually, at the time when I’m writing this article, set at 2 to 5% of the total cost of the project. If the project manager can’t get his money after the project is done, then there is something wrong with his budget.

Some of the office fit out companies in Melbourne will also give you a delivery team. This is the team that is going to manage the movement of your furniture. Some of them will also install your furniture. The company would usually have an IT communications unit which will provide you with installation of telephone as well as computer networking systems.

Finally they have to offer building services, they have to have a team specifically train to deal with lighting and electrical installations, heating and air conditioning, and finally, plumbing. They have to be up to date on the latest health code and build codes for your area. If scaffolding is needed the company also needs to have insurance in case one of the construction workers suffers an accident while working on your project. You don’t want to be liable for such eventualities.