Smoking is an activity that people have been doing for a very long time. While some people smoke in order to keep warm; others smoke as a more social type of activity. Also, others simply just love the sensation of smoking tobacco.

Over the years however, a lot of studies and experiences show that smoking, especially smoking a lot of cigarettes over a lifetime, can lead to numerous health problems. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one problem that can make an individual experience difficulty in breathing and can cause long-term coughing. Another health issue that smoking can bring about is lung cancer, with smokers being drastically more predisposed to developing the disease.

Due to these negative health effects, a lot of smokers have decided to quit the act, but the problem is that there are others who simply cannot just make do without smoking. For these people, a healthier alternative then would be to vape instead, as it offers a lot of advantages over conventional smoking.

With vaping, you inhale water vapour through specially designed e-cigarettes instead of lighting and burning a cigarette and inhaling the smoke. This drastic difference brings about the advantages of vaping.

Since you are only inhaling water vapour instead of smoke, you do not get the carbon monoxide that smoke contains. It is the carbon monoxide that is considered to be the major factor that causes the lung problems from people who smoke so the absence of this harmful compound makes vaping that much healthier than smoking is.
Another advantage of vaping is that the e-liquids used in loading the e-cigarette and giving it the vapour to be ingested can be flavoured. There are currently numerous flavours of e-liquids from sweet ones to e-liquids that try to mimic the flavour of an actual cigarette. This infusion of flavour can drastically enhance the vaping experience and actually make it even more desirable and enjoyable than smoking will ever be.

Another advantage of vaping is that the e-liquids can contain various amounts of nicotine. This is the compound that makes smoking satisfying and at the same time makes it quite addictive. If you love the feeling of ingesting nicotine through vaping then you can choose e-liquids that contain levels similar to a cigarette or levels higher than cigarette content if you desire. If you just want to enjoy the feeling of inhaling smoke or vapour then you can choose flavoured e-liquids that are nicotine free if this is what you prefer.

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