There is no denying that mobile devices are extremely popular nowadays with an increasing number of people having at least one mobile device of their own. The popularity of these devices is not surprising at all due to the fact that these devices are indeed extremely useful with people using these gadgets for communicating with others, connecting to the internet to get the information that they need or for entertainment as these devices can be used for listening to music, watching movies or playing games.

One part of the mobile device package that a lot of people tend to take for granted is the micro USB cable that is being used along with these devices. Most people do not put a lot of thought into these cables as they only see them as mere charging and data transfer accessories.

However, one will have to take note that the cables that are packaged with these devices are not of the best quality and that while they may be sufficient for everyday use, you will still be able to get more performance and benefits from switching to a better quality cable.

If you are looking for micro USB cables advice as to which cables should you purchase then here are some tips that you might want to follow in selecting a replacement micro USB cable for your mobile device.

One is that you will want to choose a cable that has sufficient length. Most micro USB cables that are packaged with mobile devices are quite short, which can hamper your comfort and usage experience with the product especially when you charge or transfer data to and from the device. With a longer Micro USB cable, you should have more cable length to work with when your device is plugged, making for a more convenient usage experience.

You will also want to pick cables that have gold plated connectors on their tips. What’s great about gold plated USB connectors is that they ensure efficient transfer of electricity or data between connectors. Also, gold plated connectors are much more resistant to wear and oxidation compared to the ones that do not come with gold plating.

Also, you will want to pick a micro USB cable that is made with premium materials. A lot of cables available today feature thin plastics on the connectors as well as thin insulation on the wire itself. With this type of construction, micro USB cables tend to break easily and that their wires also snap even with just a reasonable amount of force. Look for micro USB cables that have thicker plastics on the connector area, and that you will want to pick cables with wires that feature thick insulation as well. This will make the cables much more durable and more resistant to breakage or snapping while in use or while the cables are stuffed inside your bag when you are on the go.
With a high quality micro USB cable for your mobile device, you are guaranteed to be able to charge and transfer data with your mobile device faster and more reliably than ever.